Baking With Brioche Pasquier

In 1936 Gabriel Pasquier opened a small village bakery, when his 5 sons started Brioche Pasquier years later they decided to keep the same technique and recipe for their dough as their father before them, this special ingredient called “Levain” in French is what allows all Brioche Pasquier products to have a 29 day shelf life WITHOUT any preservatives.

Brioche Pasquier has been selling in the UK for many years, I love french pastries, growing up just an hour from France has meant that we have been many times and had fresh pastries on a weekend morning. But when back home I still want a tasty pastry, Addison and I as a treat every Sunday have warmed Pain au Chocolat for breakfast and one of our favourites has always been Brioche Pasquier, so imagine my excitement when they asked me to come and bake with their top chefs.

baking with brioche pasquier

We headed to Faircake a beautiful cake school in Greenwich, where we were met by a team from Brioche Pasquier and a yummy aroma of warming Brioche. After a cup of tea and said Brioche, we were thrown right into baking some Brioche from fresh, the process should normally take about 5/6 hours but they taught us a fantastic recipe that we managed in just over 3.

I was surprised at how it really wasn’t that complicated, well with guidance anyway, we made the dough and then thanks to the Kenwood K-Mix we did not need to do much kneading as it had done most of the work for us, although when I repeat at home with more time I am shall knead a little more purely for pleasure.

baking with brioche pasquier

We were taught some fab tricks by Christine the chef from Brioche Pasquier helping us, I eventually 10 balls in got the hang of getting a nice round Brioche ready for the oven, this was my 1st time ever baking some sort of bread product that needs proving, it is amazing to see the product double in size before it goes into the oven.

I was so surprised at how little time they take in the oven, only 10/15 minutes and when they came out I was met with these beauties….

baking with brioche pasquier

Don’t they look the part, honestly I have never been so proud, I immediately text my Husband a picture, he was eagerly waiting at the door when I arrived to test one, or should we say 3. Amazingly members of my family arrived all through the evening to try my Brioche as well as some of the lovely products we had been sent home with from Brioche Pasquier’s range.

With so much choice there is something for everyone, Croissants, Pain au Chocolat, Pain au Laits and many different flavours of filled Brioche including lemon/strawberry and chocolate and you know they are doing something right as from their 14 factories across France they lorry out over 1 and a half million products daily having over 80% of the market share for Croissants in France alone.

In 2015 they shall hopefully be opening the 1st UK factory, so filling the Hubby’s lunchbox will come closer to home, he has been very thankful for my day Baking with Brioche Pasquier as he has enjoyed yummy packed lunch all week (thanks to individually wrapped products) as well as yummy dessert with his evening cuppa in the form of my freshly made Brioche.

baking with brioche pasquier

Don’t forget to head to Brioche Pasquier website and find a list of all the products they currently stock across UK Supermarkets as well as some truly yummy recipes that you can try out using their food, I have a couple ready to try and I shall promise to come back and share.

As well as that I think I shall be holding my own Brioche Baking Masterclass as half of my friends and family want to learn too.

Disclosure – I received a hamper and travel expenses in respect of this post, but I truly had the most wonderful time.

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