Corners Of My Home // Bedrooms For Children

Corners of my Home is back and 2018 its going to be even better than ever!

Not only will I be sharing a new corner of my home each month, but, each month a fellow blogger will feature too.

Even more Interiors Inspiration for you, I can not wait.

And we are starting off with an amazing blogger, Karen from N4Mummy.

Karen has two beautiful little children and has Interiors that most designers would be jealous of.

But first a little-updated Corner from Addison and Deacons room…

The room is by no means finished, to be honest, 3 years on it is still a work in progress.

The kids are really ready for their own rooms, but we make the most of a fun, bright space that gives them both independent areas.

The new Besta units we bought the end of last year house hoards of toys. I hate too many on display, this way they are hidden and the small room feels less cluttered.

Bright pops of colour come from Sun Jellies bags (fun toy storage), blankets all handmade (on hand for being Doggy doctors) and their growing gallery wall made up of Artwork from Indie Shops and postcards.


Our next job for their room shall be some funky shelves to house their little treasures, have you seen anything funky?

Karen‘s children also have a Unisex Bedroom which allows beautifully for Daisy’s current love of Flamingo’s whilst suiting her growing baby Laurie, Karen explains how…

Light Envy

When I became pregnant with Daisy, I went a little pink mad in decorating her nursery. I’m not naturally someone who often wears or even likes the colour, so I blame it purely on hormones. Then two years later my little boy Laurie came along and I realised the room needed to change to accommodate him. I wanted to create a unisex bedroom, but that reflected each child’s personality. This is Daisy’s side of the room which she affectionately calls, ‘my Mingo bedroom.’

Daisy is currently flamingo mad, hence the flamingo bedding and pink fluffy toy both from Laura Ashley, which she chose. I’ve added a white quilt with coloured pom poms over the bedding to neutralise some of the pink.

My aim was to keep shared items neutral. So I opted for rattan toy baskets, white walls and monochrome pictures from Wall Musings. I’m also a real plant lover so couldn’t resist, a palm and some aloe vera to add a little interest to the room. Laurie’s side hasn’t been done yet, but in keeping with the animal theme, I’m planning tiger bedding.

Thank you so much to Karen for sharing such a gorgeous room, I can not wait to see the updates on Laurie’s side.

What I love about the space is how neutral, light and bright it is, my two are definitely growing up and away from the bright colours, we have plans for more neutrals, Addison, in particular, is very fond of shades of Blue and Deacon Grey.

Do your little ones share a room, we would love for you to share the space with us, link up below with a post or even an Instagram.

Don’t forget to come back next month for Corners from my Kitchen.

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