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Does anyone else have endless photos and pretty postcards stacked around their home ?

Well my collections are beautiful and sadly there are only so many frames and gallery walls I can have in my home.

So that is when the idea came to me to make a Memory/Photo board. I wanted it to be able to be ever-changing, so when a friend snail mails me that perfect postcard I could put it up to be enjoyed.

I was going to go down the fabric route but then I decided I wanted something a little more industrial looking.

I was inspired by these gorgeous Memo Boards from Block. I loved the simplicity of the design and how within minutes you could change what you wanted to share.


I decided to make one on a budget, but to also frame it, so it felt more like a picture board.

With the help of some basic supplies from B&Q and some Pinty Plus paints I was ready to get started.

What you will need

Making a Memory Board with Pinty Plus / Innocent Charms Chats

  • Lengths of unfinished Timber, I chose 2 by 1
  • Mesh – I used a sheet of Chicken Wire (£7 from B&Q garden dept)
  • Staples and Staple Gun
  • Spray Paints – I used Pinty Plus Chalk Paint Spray in Mustard for the frame and Pinty Plus Gloss in Copper for the Mesh
  • Buttons
  • Command Strips
  • Various Clips

The process was very simple, firstly measure the area where you are putting the board and decide on a size, I was very lucky that it was the exact size of the Chicken Wire so no need for cutting.

Then measure out your four lengths of wood, as mine was going to be rectangular I needed two pieces of each size, remembering to leave allowance for the wire to staple behind.

We decided to staple our wood together as we have a decent staple gun and the wood was not too big, but you could as easily glue or even pin.

Making a Memory Board with Pinty Plus / Innocent Charms Chats

Once that was done we took to spraying. Now many of you will know I am a little spray paint crazed, especially since becoming an ambassador for Pinty Plus, but honestly why would you want to paint this any other way. It is quick, easy  and dries fast perfect for Winter projects as the weather changes as quickly as that.

I chose Mustard for the frame, the tone is not as dark as I would normally like for Mustard but all the same a pretty shade, as always with the chalk paint it went on brilliantly and only needed 2 light coats as it was going on to new wood.

I then decided I wanted to spray the mesh as well, firstly as I don’t really like the colour tone, but also as it had been outside and had worn a little. Pinty Plus had sent me some of their new Gloss paint in Copper to test and I am in love!!

If like me you love Copper tones then order some, I was worried being gloss it would not spray or dry as well as the chalk spray. I was wrong, it takes only a few minutes longer and goes on really well. I am so glad I have some left as I am going to go a little spray crazy, what more it adheres to all surfaces too.

Once all dry (less than half hour), then staple the mesh onto the back of the frame. I decided being in a rental property to use Command Strips to attach to the wall, they have held well and so easy to attach.

How to make an Industrial Memory Board with Pinty Plus / Innocent Charms Chats

Little Extra

I decided the frame was a little plain for my taste so pulled out my extensive button collection to add a few to the corners. Not very industrial I know but at the moment I like the look, but I have stuck them on only with double-sided tape so that when I change my taste they can come easily off.

Making a Memory Board with Pinty Plus / Innocent Charms Chats

This is the great thing about makes like this they are always up for being tailored to personal taste.

How to make an Industrial Memory Board with Pinty Plus / Innocent Charms Chats

All that was left was to take all the lovely clips I bought from Home Sense, add my many memories and pieces that I love.

How to make an Industrial Memory Board with Pinty Plus / Innocent Charms Chats

I am so excited to keep adding to my Memory Board, updated photos, little postcards and trinkets. It makes me smile every time I walk past and I think now I want to do one for the kids room.

What would you put on yours ???

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