Finishing Books, Rainbow Clothes And Yummy Food // Little Loves

Sorry I should have been here Friday but sometimes you just have to step away from your workload, dance round your Kitchen and enjoy some junk TV.

But I had to share my Little Loves this week as I am quite proud of a few, so grab those ten minutes and enjoy….


I can not believe I am typing this but I finished a book! A whole one. I started Wilde Like Me by Louise Pentland less than three weeks ago. It did exactly what I thought. It reignited my love of books.

If you are looking for something, light-hearted, with somewhat realistic fiction story than have a read. I am happy to send it out to someone.

What more I have just picked my next book, something very different, Of Mice and Men. I actually have never read the story before. It is my Sisters favourite though, so my Dad treated us to tickets to the show in February so I thought I would find out what it is all about.


We started a new TV drama series this week after a suggestion by my Mom. She knows I love anything that includes psychologists and Hugh Laurie was a great added bonus.

Chance follows the life of neuropsychotherpaist Dr. Chance, he ends up becoming involved in a patients life which is full of abuse and corruption. It is a little dark but still has me hooked.

I am a little disappointed though to have found out it has been axed after the second season.


It has been all about food this week. I made my first Curry from scratch, slow cooked Taco Pasta and 50 Rainbow Cupcakes for my nieces Birthday Party.

I also made the decision that in 2018 I would try and improve my health.For those who don’t know I suffer with Lupus which daily leaves me with a great deal of pain. But I have decided to try to fight through and have started the Couch to 5K program with Ashley by my side,

There is no denying if you have seen on stories I have found it much harder than I expected. So I am taking it slow and trying to remain positive.



Following on from my last Little Loves I am still all about the Enamel Pins. There are just so many to collect. I am all about the smile too. It has always been important to me, as smiles make people smile, but I really want to focus on being happy this year.

Which these three in Rainbow inspired outfits for their cousins party certainly makes me do that, that and their faces in this picture.

Rainbow Tights/Three Violet Buttons, Boys Tops/Little Bird By Jools


I am still totally loving the fact I received a Googe Home for Christmas. Along with Ashley’s Spotify account it has meant that I have listened to more music this month than in years.

The kids are also loving having music in the house. There current favourites are Proud by Heather Small And Shape of You by Ed Sheeran.

I am enjoying oldies from my childhood, including this lovely upbeat tune…

And Lastly

One of my Biggest Loves this week has to be this post from KA of Life As Our Little Family.

She talks about the importance of being kind to yourself, taking time for self care inside and out.

How taking time away from screens and fresh air are so very good for the soul. It all resonated with me so much. Last year I made a conscious decision to make time for just me, even if for just 10 minutes a day, to be with my thoughts and I have noticed big changes within our whole household.

Grab a cuppa and go have a read, she has some truly brilliant suggestions, plus beautiful photography within the post.

Picture Property Life As Our Little Family


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