Happy New Year – I Am An Auntie!!!!

Happy New Year to you all, 2014 is the Innocent Charms Chats family’s year, there is so much happening for us.

Starting with Grayson’s 5th Birthday on Saturday, I am so proud of my Superstar, there are times we were told he would not make it to 5, but here he is and he is one super special little boy. He has been really poorly this week but I am crossing everything he is feeling better for Saturday.

There are plans for at least one house move for us this year, I am hoping maybe 2 and that will then take us to a home for a while, we have moved so much I am desperate for us to unpack boxes and get settled.

Deacon has also been poorly for a long time now, we have been refereed to Paeds, so hopefully we will get some answers for my little baby on the 30th.

We also have our wedding renewals in November and I am super excited about that, we are doing most of it ourselves, so there will be lots of talk of that on the blog, I have a Pinterest board if you want to take a lookie.

On the subject of my lovely blog, it has been quiet, I had an unintentional break this Xmas, more due to poorly children and a very tired Mummy, but this year my blog is getting a nice face lift and becoming my much-needed sanctuary, especially as we celebrate our 7th Birthday together in just 4 days.

But aside from all that, on New Years Eve I became an Auntie for the 1st time and I am excited!!


My little sweetheart of a niece Ivy was born at 5.45pm NYE, she is so lovely, I got to see her on New Years Day and had major cuddles, she already knows I am the best Auntie in the world and opened her eyes and cooed with me for over 1/2 hr, it’s funny the love I feel for her already, I didn’t realize it would be so much, in some ways it is just like that of my own babies, but at least I just have to deal with the good bits.

She will be probably coming to spend time each week with her Auntie KarKar and cousins once my sister goes back to teaching in the middle of the year, so that is pretty fun too. You know me I like a challenge.

me and ivy

I am so proud of my baby sister, she had an awesome quick labour, spending the 1st few hours at my house, Ashley making her a nice lunch which she ate mid contractions. She was super strong and got through with just a little gas and air and although she needed some forceps to help her enter the world she is doing fab. My sister is nervous as most new Mummies are, but she is daft as she is doing an excellent job already.  Hopefully Uncle Ash and the babies will get to meet her today.

So here’s a Happy New Year to you all, I have a hundred posts in my head I need to get out, but time is a little on the short side so I shall be back as soon as I can.

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