Siblings {May 2014}

I am cheating a little this month for the Siblings Project run by Lucy. Both these pics are at Easter which of course was the end of April, but I see it that they fell between the 10th’s of the months and getting pictures of my 3 in the same place is near impossible.

Going to the park is our favourite past time, since my teens I have loved a picnic, be it one I bake the day before for or an impromptu rush into the Tesco Express sort and it seems my little ones are following in my footsteps, especially if it involves being near a park or somewhere to run (and for Addy do Roly Polys).

We always hunt for parks that have Bird Nest swings as Grayson’s absolute fave thing to do is swing. He spent over an hour in this swing this day, smiling and screaming, Addison asked to get in with her big brother, her fondness for him this past few months has grown massively, I am sure she realises now he is not like all the other boys and girls, but it just seems to make her more determined to interact with him.

We thought we would try laying Deacon down too as Grayson is not usually so responsive to anyone being so close, but he embraced it, my 3 swung like this for nearly 5 minutes, feet getting entwined, elbows knocking heads and giggling, it was a pure perfection moment that if I could freeze time at I would. I only took a couple of pics because I wanted to enjoy the moment nothing obstructing my view.

siblings may 2014

the kids on a swing

I had to share this picture too, no it doesn’t show one of their faces but it shows 3 little children enjoying the cool evening sun with nothing but each other and a little run on their grandparents driveway, it was a simple moment that saw them all smile and giggle, it is these moments that I want to remember, these are the times that will make their hearts grow.

siblings easter 2014

dear beautiful

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