A Day In The Life of Addison – 3 Years and 3 Months

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I love this little series I do on my blog, but it has been far too long since I did A Day in the life of… actually the last time for Addison was last December, today though I am sharing her last Friday, it was a little out of the ordinary as she had a day with just Mummy and Daddy as Grayson goes to my Dad and Stepmum on a Friday but this week they kindly took Deacon as well.

The day started as normal, although she was a good girl and laid in till 7am. after breakfast (2 I may add) we got washed and dressed and Addison chose to wear her new Little Bird By Jools top, it is gorgeous. We then headed to brush our teeth together as we do every morning, it is our perfect little routine, we do our hair then brush our teeth together. Today was even more fun though as we had a new toothbrush from Rockabilly to road test.

Rockabilly Toothbrush

Approved by dentists across the world the Rockabilly toothbrush is the 1st Children’s stand alone toothbrush, not only that it comes with a years worth of heads included in the packet, so you will need no other toothbrush for a whole year – genius. Addison loved the Cowboy on the front of hers, it reminds her of one of her current fave TV characters, there are 6 to choose from, she also wants the singer now so we may have to get that for the grandparents.

After we stood our toothbrush on it’s own, waved goodbye to it and “her brothers” as she calls them, we headed to the beach at Whitstable (one of my favourite towns). Addison loves the beach, but had yet not been to a pebble beach, I was so excited as I am a total beach comber and my little girl proved to be much the same.

It was a little windy but that did not deter us, she searched for shells, decorated the Jetty making shapes out of shells (independent learning or what), we danced our way up and down the beach, climbed the oversized bench and even saw a Digger!

Whitstable Beach

We took pictures, which she even agreed to and let Puppy feel the wind in his fur.

The 3 of us

It was then already lunchtime so we took a stroll to Zizzi’s, Addison learning her road sense as we went, very cleverly waiting for cars whilst holding Daddo’s hand.

Addison the worlds fussiest eater agreed to try a pasta in tomato sauce and ate over half, of course we had to say cheers and clink glasses every 2 minutes but it was lovely to eat just the 3 of us. She was super impressed that Zizzi provide small forks and spoons just like Mummies for her to eat with and she also got to colour and snack on grapes whilst we waited for our lunch.

Addison at Zizzi's

After a little walking and chatting in the rain back to the car we decided on a 1st for Addison, a game of bowling, the local alley was fully booked so she napped as we drove over to another town.

Bowling at first created some nerves but as soon as Puppy helped her with the 1st ball, which she managed to get a strike, she could not stop clapping and dancing, she insisted on using only the pink ball (12) and by turn 4 she would carry it herself, the girl has serious muscles. Then my little tomboy spotted the driving simulator on the way out and showed her goggly eyes to Daddo, they chose a pink car and came 4th in their race.

Bowling with Addison

We then headed to Sainsbury’s on the way home, of course no day out could not mean a cake stop so the Sainsbury’s cafe it was, although Addison decided on sweeties and a juice carton instead, she has such a sweetie tooth. Followed by picking up some dinner and of course a little toy, the joys of big supermarkets, surprisingly not the current fave of a new My Little Pony, but instead some little pets.

In her own words, “It was a great day”.

The Rockabilly Kids toothbrush is £6.99 available at many shops including Boots, Addison absolutely loves it and I have to say so do I, such a great price for a years supply and easy for her to hold. We were sent the toothbrush FOC for purpose of our views.

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The Perfect Home – What is on your list ?

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Do you know the worst thing about renting, especially a house you had to rent quickly, lack of choice. I can live with the white walls, in fact they in some respects they are better as no painting maintenance to keep up and you can change colour schemes, artwork and design at the drop of a hat, it’s not even the horrific light fittings or curtains as I just change those, box up the landlords and when we come to leave swap them back.

The worst thing about renting is flooring choices, you may think I have gone crazy but take it from me a harden renter of 9 years it really is, even more so when you have children. The house we currently live in has no carpet on the downstairs living area, we have real wood flooring in the living room and quarry tiles in the kitchen/diner and playroom.

Don’t get me wrong it certainly has its practicalities, I wouldn’t have carpet in a kitchen area of course, when the kids spill something it is easy to clean for sure, but when Deacon was born there was no sitting on the cold hard floor with him, as he learnt to crawl and now walk every time he falls or stumbles is a major screaming incident, followed this week by a bloody mouth :(

Winter months are cold, it is no fun sitting on a solid cold floor to play with toys and the heating bills go through the roof.

I seriously crave carpet, I spend time going in carpet shops looking at them, feeling them, I even pin nice cosy carpets, I have a craving for carpets.

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Next time we move we will have carpet, we have even made it a must on the lists with agents, the husband feels the same as me you see.


So how about you, what would be on your must list on your next move, I have quite a list now but I want the next move to be a more permanent one, I want the next house to hopefully be the one my children grow in, so I want it to be perfect.


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Corners of my Home – My Desk

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Sorry I am a little late with this months Corners of my Home post but life has been very busy. I was unsure what part of the house to share with you this month, I am starting to hate the house more each day so I have not been overly bothering, instead I focus on how I want rooms to look when we move, I have some posts coming up with inspiration so watch this space.

corners of my home


In then hit me as I went to write the post that I have never shown my little work area, it literally is a corner, a corner of our very busy Living Room, I hate how dark it is, our whole house is very dark as the lower level is below the road so is covered by a bank and gets very little natural light, I am crazy about light.

My desk is a piece I had wanted for many years, I spotted it one day as I walked through Marks and Spencer, by the time we had space to buy it they no longer had it, I was so disappointed. Then about 18 months ago we were in Marks and Spencer again at Lakeside and there it was looking back at me, I couldn’t believe it, we were just about to move into our current home and I had decided to buy a second-hand table to use as a desk but had yet found nothing, it was fate, so I sold whatever furniture I no longer liked and scrapped the money to buy it.

I still literally love it as much now as 3 years ago, I have seen it featured in magazines and every time I do I pin the image and smile (sad I know).


The desk is an excellent size, I love the 2 tiers as it puts my iMac at the right viewing height and allows me to put my many treasures on my desk but still have working space. The desk is a lovely glossy bamboo, it is easy to keep clean. The colour of the legs are a duck egg/teal, not usually a colour I gravitate towards but I love it with this desk, it has such a retro feel which is always prominent in my home. It works well with the original G Plan pieces in the room, matching their style but not trying to say I am the same.

I have a 60′s chair that I use with it, no it certainly is not the most comfortable and I have been covering the ugly seat pad for over a year now and never got round to it, but I love the style with the desk.

Next to my desk is my wheely bead storage, although ugly this is a very expensive and excellent piece of kit, it has separator drawers perfect for storing my hundreds of beads. I have a thing about metal baskets, the yellow one is a new addition from H & M, I still haven’t decided how to use yet, the mail one on the wall holds mail needing to be sorted in an attempt to keep the area tidy. The cork board has been purchased this week, it is going to have a little bit of styling then go up on thew wall to hold little pictures and treasures I receive in the post, I can always be found pulling pics from mags or writing notes of inspiration so it shall hold those too.


On my desk there is a great deal of goodness which highlights my personality, my Greengate cups/jugs hold my pencils, they are my floral loving part, I have many a notebook stacked up (but only 1/3 of my collection) I am obsessed with stationery and list making so I can always be found with another notebook.

I have a piece of wood that Mr Innocent Charmer carved a love note into for me, as well as a little glass elephant & angel which Addison and Ash bought me last year, the elephant was Addison’s obsession at the time and shall always be remembered, the angel to signify Innocent Charms my dormant jewellery business as he knows I want to reopen it very soon.

I have pictures stuck up on the wall, ones that make me smile and I look to them when I am stuck. There is a collection of washi tapes as they are an artwork in themselves and are far too pretty to hide away in a cupboard, there is always at least one interiors magazine as I am obsessed with interiors and love to flick through for inspiration.

One of the things that caught my eye about the desk the day I first saw it was the built in metal ruler, as a jewellery maker a ruler is crucial. One day this desk will serve my many loves.

corners of my home

All in all my desk is probably one of my favourite ever corners of my home, I am sure you can tell from this very long post about it.

Do you love interiors, I would love to see your corners, so please do link them up below so i can come and feel inspired.

Don’t forget to check out some of the other Corners Of My Home.

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Fashion Friday Plus Sized #3

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I can not believe we are at week 3 already, I am loving my project so much, it has really inspired me to think more about what I wear and learn to love myself. It must be working as this morning I said to my husband “I feel really pretty today”, I can not remember the last time I said that.

Thanks to all the lovely Plus Size ladies who have got involved but lets spread the word and get more, lets build a fantastic community, like WIWW, which I was lucky enough to guest post this week, go take a look at my outfit.

If you are unsure what this is all about, then head here read, come back and have fun.

My outfit this week is smart/casual, I took my daughter to London this week and I wanted something that I would be comfy in for a long day travelling, but also look smart. The weather was up and down, some points rain then very hot sun, thankfully this outfit worked well, it is quite a dark outfit for the summer months, but I am starting to purchase clothes that will see me through to winter too.


Outfit Details

* Glasses – Select Specs

* Necklace & Bracelets – Dorothy Perkins (Gifts)

* Cami – Asda

* Shirt – SimplyBe

* Skinny Jeans – SimplyBe

* Bag – Sun Jellies

* Shoes – Sun Jellies


I was unsure on these glasses, the shape is different than I usually wear but I couldn’t pass them up considering they were only under £30. I am pleased I did they slim my face down.

The lipstick I am wearing is a new TopShop Lip Bullet, I am loving them, I bought 2 pink shades and they are fab to wear, I shall be going back to check out other colours.

The shirt is a Boyfriend shirt and is supposed to be oversized, but honestly I think I could have gone down a size with this and it still would have that effect.


The last part of my outfit is my trusted Sun Jellies and Sun Jellies bag, I am on 6 pair of Jellies I think on last count, they are super comfy, the bag reminds me so much of my childhood, it is perfect for Summer, especially the trips to the beach.


What is fab is Sun Jellies have been so inspired by #fashionfridayplusssized that they this week are our sponsors and are giving away one of their Jelly bags to next weeks winner. Colour choice down to you. 

Thanks so much to Sun Jellies, it really is a bag I think everyone should own, so I am pleased one of you shall, to have a chance to win just link up your fashion post or Instagram outfit shot from the week, winner shall be announced next Friday. Do head over to Sun Jellies website and have a look at what colour bag you would choose if you were picked.

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