This Week You….

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addison april 2014

This week you went on a zip wire on your own

This week you demanded Shepherds Pie and Pasta for dinner and ate them

This week you played with Deacon happily if only for 5 minutes

This week you have managed to sleep in your bed nearly every night

This week you have sat and read magazines over and over

This week you have wanted to play in your bedroom and read stories to your toys

This week you were a very good girl for Granny

This week you learnt how to do Rolly Polly’s

This week you are obsessed even more with animals, in particular lambs and bunnies

This week you want me to keep saying your full name

This week you have loved painting

This week you just can not stop eating

This week you want to walk everywhere and not use a pushchair

This week you are loving Mister Maker and Zing Zillas

This week I keep crying (happy tears) listening to your little singing voice

This week you have been a dare-devil

This week you have been road testing a new coat

This week you have been a great sister

This week I love you more than the last

This week I am so glad you came into my life to keep me smiling

Addison This Week You

Love Life, Love Me – Reviews For April 2014

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self help linky

I have been very bad and keeping up with my monthly tasks for Love Life, Love Me project and it has disappointed me as I need to get life on track and feel like me again, but with 3 poorly pox ridden children and so much day-to-day stuff it has been impossible.

But I shall be back later this week with an update, but for now I want to share 3 companies who have been helping me on my journey to find the new improved me.

Firstly most of you will know that in August I am due to climb Mount Snowdon as part of Raising for Grayson, well you may not have known that I suffer with an auto immune condition called UCTD which unfortunately is progressing to Lupus (eek). So exercise is taking a massive toll on my body, I really need to exercise as I am grossly overweight and unfit but my poor joints are hurting, MADFORM heard my cries and sent me sachets of all their recovery creams to give a try. They have over 20 years experience in making the products and have worked with some of the worlds finest athletes.

madform review

I put my neck out end of last month whilst out for a jog, it is an old injury and can leave me in a brace for days, I came home and the hubby for 2 days applied the Double Power Recovery and it is immense, it worked so well helping to loosen the strain and take the pain, I have used heat creams in the past but they do not touch it, MADFORM is like magic cream for adults (any parent will understand this analogy). My hubby agrees too as he has used after his 15 mile bike trains and worked a treat.

As well as trying to burn off some fat to look better, I have been working on making my haggard skin feel a little brighter, Ginvera sent me some samples of their BB Cream and Marvel Gel – using Asian ingredients and rituals they have formulated these 2 products for the UK market. Both smell lovely, the marvel gel made my skin feel so fresh, like a layer of dirt I have never been able to remove had gone.

beauty products review

The BB cream is my favourite though, a moisturizer with inbuilt UV protection and also comes with Nude cover, I found that some days I didn’t even have to wear foundation as this gave me enough cover whilst not feeling greasy. As someone with sensitive skin I was a  little worried but I did not need to be, it left my skin feeling great and I shall be treating myself to some of the BB Cream for sure.

Now let’s be honest we all know looking after yourself on the outside is important but what you put into your body is crucial, I have major issues with food and it shall be a long journey combating them, but the lovely people at Jordan’s wanted to try to help me start by sending me some granola. I have honestly never tried Granola before, I am not sure why, it just never appealed to me, I really did enjoy the Super Berry, I actually added a little extra Strawberry to it as I love fruit in the mornings with my cereal, it had really good flavour and does fill you up more than standard cereals, which is great for the diet. I still have some left as well as the Super Nutty (which the hubby has been trying due to my intolerance’s) and I am excited as after visiting Jordan’s website I found a whole recipe section to use Granola in cooking, especially liking the look of the Brownies.

Jordans Review

I really think they are worth trying if you are trying to combat some extra pounds, they come in resealable bags too so they will last for ages, although you will probably eat them before they go out of date as they are moorish. They have some great giveaways at the moment on their site.

On the subject of controlling food I have also been sent a Yumbox from YumboxUK – do follow my progress with it on Instagram, I am very excited about this box and using it to aid food control, they shall be available in the UK in June so watch this space for more info.


Disclosure – I was sent all these samples FOC to share my honest opinions. 

Draw With Me {April 2014}

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Sonia of This Mummy Loves has an awesome linky each month for the little ones. She also has prizes too so it is great to take part in.
Her daughter set the theme of My Family this month. Which I love.

I sat with all 3 kids to do some crafts as it is the Easter Hols and they are Pox ridden. Crazy aren’t I. I thought Addison would love doing this theme but she was having a teenage day and refused. So I thought Grayson and I would give it a go. Any form of craft is a real push for Grayson but he did well, even picking up a paintbrush and painting Mummy a lovely pearl pink.

I am quite proud of this pic (not for my naive drawing clearly) but because this pushes Grayson through his boundaries.

Don’t forget to go join in.

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