What does the future hold ? I am so unsure now thanks to Legoalnd Discovery Centre.

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I was so upset when I came across and article on facebook this week.

Legoland Discovery Centre in Manchester are refusing entry to disabled adults. This might seem like an odd statement but these aren’t just disabled adults these are adults who have mental ages of young children. But the rules are clear.

Spokesperson for Legoland stated

Our policy not to permit entry to groups of adults, adult couples, or lone adults, regardless of circumstances, who are not accompanied by a child or children under the age of 16 is we believe therefore appropriate and the best way to constantly maintain a welcoming environment for our young visitors.

I have seen this policy at many attractions. to be honest until now I haven’t even taken much notice, but then again I don’t think I would, as I never expected an attraction take it so literal, Legoland are stopping adults with mental ages of 7 and 8 to enter and use the attraction. I understand policies have to be in place but can we not use common sense ?

Legoland clearly can’t and this was their response when questioned about the young man refused entry.

We make no apologies for this policy and believe it to be reasonable and appropriate, and one on which we make no exceptions.

As one of my friends Emily Leary put it “I’m Gobsmacked, that there is a horrifying lack of humanity.” She then goes on to say in conversation “I only hope there’s been a miscommunication or accidental error of judgement that they’ll rapidly rectify.”

So do I Emily. But at present Legoland are defending their actions by stating that they hold adult only evenings. But maybe this is where Legoland are educated incorrectly, because unfortunately although adults in the sense of the word when it comes to age, these men are still children.

I don’t normally try to get on my soapbox about Grayson, I never try to constantly shout and scream about all the inequalities he and us as a family face (and trust me there are many) but Legoland have angered me and even more they have honestly UPSET me a great deal.

It is the response from Legoland more than the initial refusal, I understand staff are made to enforce policies and I honestly thought that is what happened, then to read Legolands response was so disappointing, as a mother who knows one day THIS will be my reality I feel I have no choice but to share Legolands decision with you all.

Grayson at legoland

Grayson currently at 6 years old has a mental age of 1 year, we have been recently told it is looking unlikely Grayson will ever mentally get much older than he is now, Grayson enjoys simple pleasures, Mickey Mouse on TV, a nice simple music toy, a very basic day out, this will probably be the case when he is 6ft tall and 18 years old, he won’t work like his brother or sister, enjoy University, go on thrill seeking rides – so if places like Legoland start pushing policy so hard, without taking a second look what will others do ? What does life hold for Grayson and I, where shall we go, shall we be excluded from enjoying in “normal” places and activities, shall restaurants stop refusing entry ? Will local farm centres be the same ?

Life has such uncertainty for us as a family, I have no idea as he gets older if the abuse in the street shall get worse, how many more people will judge my superhero, but I really did not want to deal with places like Legoland Discovery Centre being so discriminative.

Legoland Windsor was a dreadful day out for us in the past, their policies there made it difficult for Grayson to enjoy the park at all, when I contacted them a few years ago about this they apologised and urged us to attend again stating they had made many changes. Addison has non stop talked of Legoland these past months after seeing an advert, once the weather was better it was going to be our 1st trip, but I honestly don’t know how I can support a company who deal with the disabled in such a way, so once again Addison has to go without due to having a brother with disabilities, this is not far!

What do you feel about the article ? I am open to all responses.


Elaine Lewis a mother of one of the men refused entry has started a petition against Legoland Discover Centre to allow entry if you wish to show your support.

The Kiddies/Living Arrows //Four

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I was really hoping this week to have some beautiful and fun-filled photos, it was our 1st week to start getting back into normal routine and we had promised Addison some time out and about on our day off, but then Tuesday night came round and so did poorly children, still now on Monday they are all still unwell in varying amounts.

living arrows

Grayson - Our car has been broken and off the road now for nearly 6 weeks, so we do not have a car that fits all 3 children in (yes crazy), so thankfully this week my Dad has been collecting Grayson from school for us. Honestly in some ways it is a blessing, my Dad works usually at least 16 hour days so this has been forcing him to take a break, he was not content with just bringing Grayson home he has also been running errands with him. Wednesday he decided once they had done the business banking that they needed a nice Costa treat, my Dad sent me this picture, if I didn’t know any better it would look like any 6-year-old sitting having naughty cake after school, he has got so grown in his face these past months.

living arrows

Addison - How she suffers with boredom, this little girl is said to be a mirror copy of me but when it comes to being at home she is just like her Daddo, she hates it, given half the chance she would be having an adventure everyday of the week, school can not come soon enough for her for this reason (not for me though). To make up for being stuck indoors we have baked cakes and cookies this week, painted pictures, crafted and anything else that will take up 10 minutes.

living arrows

Deacon - Oh Deacon, you are still very clingy this week, even with me returning to work most of the week, the week has not ended well as you have another chest infection and we are all suffering terribly for it, only cuddles at 1am will pacify, sleep is not in your dictionary.


Ashley’s Rocking #3

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It’s been a couple of months since I shared one of the Mr’s outfits on the blog, I am lucky in that Ashley loves to look nice, he is definitely a little metro sexual, or should I say Lumbersexual and I am glad, nothing nicer than a well presented man.

Here he is last week on the day we picked up the keys to our new home, we were also off to look at some schools for Addison so he was setting a nice impression.

mens fashion blogger

* Glasses – Select Specs

* Jacket – Topman

* Shirt – North Coast at M&S

* Brogues – Burtons

mens fashion

What is you man rocking ? Do you have any tips for nice outfits to share for the Mr, he is in desperate need of new jeans.

The Kiddies/Living Arrows //Three

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Can you believe we are on week 3 of 2015 already, eek it is running away with us.

I only took 3 photos in total this week, can you believe it? If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t why not?) then you will have noticed, I have been so busy with clingy kids and trying to unpack.

So this week I was going to share a photo of all 3 kids together (which actually never happens) the only thing I could grab was my phone, which is such a shame as the photo is such bad quality it could not upload to my blog :( – so I had to use the only other 2 pictures I have taken, they are not the best but we can only get better and it is all about the memories.


Grayson – Oh my Superhero, it has been a hard week with your naughty reflux and being sick, but you smile on as always, you have had such smiles this week for going to school, although I still am not too happy about your time at school you clearly seem happy enough to go and I take that as you are ok.

living arrows

Addison - You personality has been so different these past 2 weeks, I really hope it is all the changes of moving and being upside down, because otherwise the thought of the three-nager being permanent is a worry. But it has been lovely to watch how your play changes each week, there is nothing better than secretly listening to your childs play world.

Deacon - My little boy – I love you so but oh you are very draining on Mummy this past few weeks. I really hope you also start to settle and don’t struggle with me going back to work this week. Learn to enjoy the rest of the world a little more.

So as you can see nothing exciting has been happening for my little ones, but we have dressed up and found toys that Mummy had hidden to sell, why don’t you check out what all the other gorgeous kiddies have been up to over at Shutterflies.

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