Kara’s Wish List #13

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Kara's Wishlist

This weeks item brings 2 of my loves together, Ikea and Chairs. I have spoke of my love for chairs before and how I like to have probably way too many around the house, I have been wanting these Brakig collection of chairs since they were released in February, the problem is I am being a very good girl and trying to only buy things I need.

ikea chair

They are the most perfect colours to fit into my home and such a classic design.

Don’t forget to check out Ikea’s Brakig collection, if you like fresh pastels/neons or geometric prints then this collection is the ones for you.

So if you can think of a reason I need one of these chairs let me know, so I can tell the Hubby why too.


Styling Up A Storm This Easter – The Kids

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The kiddos are lucky enough that between myself and family they have very full wardrobes, I like to have a mixture from Supermarkets, High Street and even some children’s boutiques. I find nothing more pleasurable in the morning than thinking up what outfits the kids shall wear for the days activities.

Easter weekend is a great excuse to put on some of their nicer outfits, especially with the sun coming out.

On the Sunday we headed to my Dad/Stepmum for a little family party, the kids got to wear some of the new clothes they had been treated to on the Friday.

toddler fashion

She let me take a picture – hurrah!

This new tunic/dress my dad bought her for Easter, it is from H&M and I love the Neon touches and the fact it doesn’t need ironing.

They are actually new shoes she is wearing but she gave them the lived in effect within 1 hour. I don’t usually leave her hair down as she gets frustrated with it but I do really love it down.

baby fashion

Deacon also wore a new outfit from Popsy and Granny, he looks far too grown here for my liking, but I love him in these colours, a Rocha Little Rocha set from Debenhams.

As the rain stopped and it got later, I changed the kids into their Easter PJ’s, Ava and Luc from Kyna Boutique, they are all a little big but I do love them looking so cute and matching.

toddler fashion

Easter Monday we headed to my Mom’s for much of the same, I don’t tend to put their best clothes on at my Moms as she has dogs and they play in the overgrown garden with them, but I could not let the weekend go past without Addison wearing her new Neon striped H & M Tunic – I so wish they did this in my size.

toddler fashion

She managed to get this cute little basket from her Popsy too on the shopping trip at H&M, I teamed her awesome Domino leggings from Indikidual with it too.

The star of the day though was Grayson, Bobux Shoes heard he was now walking and wanted to send him some special walker shoes to mark the occasion.

He has not walked yet in shoes which don’t support his weak ankles so I was a little worried, but Bobux have spent a great deal of time making sure all their shoes offer the Barefoot experience, Grayson walked so well in them, they were soft under foot whilst being of the cutest design. He did incredible and his feet were supported well, I now have my eyes on a pair of their Polar Trainers which have anti scuffing material, perfect for my new superstar walker.

bobux shoes review

I teamed the shoes with some brightness overload, Grayson seriously can wear any colour, so why not a ton of it, some Primark Skinny Jeans with a Check shirt from Mothercare, he looked so handsome and cool, it is nice to have the warmer weather and be able to get his skin on show.

If you are looking for baby to children’s shoes do check out Bobux, they have so much choice and you know that you are buying from a family run business that care about children’s development.

So did your little ones get any new threads over Easter ? Mine still need a few more things for the Summer months so I have a little shopping list building for their upcoming Birthdays.

Disclosure – We were sent the Bobux Shoes FOC for Grayson to try out his new walking skills with and share the good news with you. All opinions are our own.

Styling Up A Storm This Easter – Me a Plus Size Girlie

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Although struggling massively with my weight and how I feel about the way I look I am still not getting into the right frame of mind to sort it. I think a great deal is due to being so tired, I had started to stay home more for fear of going out and feeling so unattractive but that just makes the situation worse.

Then a couple of weeks ago I found a new hashtag on twitter and Instagram – #psbloggers - which for those who don’t know stands for “plus size bloggers” – I have been researching and there are so many awesome bloggers out there showing a huge love for all plus sized, it made me rethink, I am by no means happy with the way I look but I have always believed no matter your size you can look beautiful, so this weekend I did just that, I made sure I looked good, I stupidly got no great shots of my outfits as we were just so busy, so I am sharing quick phone shots of what I wore this weekend.

plus size blogger

Comfy Outfit for a day shopping

Necklace – Anna Lou of London

Tee – New Look

Skirt – Indigo at M & S

Trainers – Keds

plus size bloggers

My hair is currently driving me insane, I can not decide on a colour, I am loving my new Pink Chanel lipstick though, goes lovely with my blue eyes.

plus size fashion

I went casual most of the weekend as it was days playing with the kiddies whilst visiting family, Saturday saw me wear an old Peter Pan Collar top with Black Skinnies. Sunday I wore my new top from Next, which is covered in tiny sequins and a Joe Browns Cardi from SimplyBe.

Then Monday as my Mom has dogs I put on an old Neon Vest from Matalan with Jeans and a H&M Cardi and one of my own creation Necklaces.

I felt comfy but also pretty, I am loving 2 lipsticks in particular at the moment my new Chanel Bright Pink and a NO7 freebie from Xmas which has a coral pink tone, I think my Summer shall involve a great deal of pinks and blues.

If you have seen any nice Plus Size fashion in these colours do let me know, I have little to no Summer clothes as of yet.

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A Busy But Fun Week

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Finally all 3 children are over their colds and chicken pox, so we made sure before Grayson heads back to school this week we would make some memories, all be it simple ones.

Daddy and Addison headed out for quick park visits to blow the cobwebs away, whilst Grayson got over the last day of nasties.

name it kids review

We packed our lunch and headed to the local parks, impromptu picnics are always the most fun, Addison has enjoyed riding the zip line with Daddy and then on her own (whilst I held my breath).

name it kids review

Grayson and Deacon enjoyed the swings, Grayson giggling for well over an hour – this is what it was all about.

name it kids review

Deacon even managed a nap on the swings with his little cousin Ivy.

name it kids review

Addison and I have headed for a Costa and shopping date with Granny, whilst the boys napped.

name it kids review

We have met our 2nd & 3rd cousins at a local hotspot, we played in the park, ate picnic food, giggled, walked miles holding hands with our cousin, played football, rolled in the daisies, Deacon felt grass on our toes for the first time and for Grayson walk miles and miles.

name it kids review

Then we have headed out with Pops and Granny, had yummy Mexican lunch, rode the merry go round (again and again) worn matching outfits and got spoilt very rotten with many a new outfit and sweeties.

name it kids review

Grayson even managed a 1st, walking around a shop all on his own, he was very proud but cheeky.

name it kids review

All in all we have all had fun, no we did nothing exciting, yes very ordinary, but for us this is perfection, seeing smiles and giggles on 3 little faces. The weather has been hit and miss but at least no rain, but very kindly thanks to Name It Kids we have been warm and very cute looking in our gorgeous new coats.

Grayson and Deacon in matching Robot jackets, Addison in a beautiful pink & blue butterfly, floral fitted jacket. They are fantastic jackets for the Summer months, fully lined, detachable hoods and reflective safety strips.

name it kids review

We absolutely love them, they fit so well and I love that the hoods can be removed, they have done a fine job this week keeping the kids warm whilst enjoying so many fun adventures.

We have linked up with the very awesome Katie of Mummy, Daddy, Me sharing our Ordinary but Magical Moments.


Disclosure – We were sent the coats FOC. Our opinions are all our own.

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