The Kiddies // Seventeen

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Well we were back to school this week after Easter, but we did have to throw in a hospital apt up in London in which we had to take all 3 kids but we managed some fun still even with the weather going back to rain.

p pod

Grayson - So you went back to school this week and did amazingly considering how bad your nights are at the moment. You currently are very unsteady but you are trying to push through in true Superhero style.

You had a nice relax in your friends chair this weekend as we sat outside and enjoyed lunch followed by an interview with the paper.

Addison at soft play

Addison - We are at the talking all the time, don’t realise when we are being rude stage, it sometimes makes me laugh other times I am cringing, but either way it is scary as you are growing up, Mummy is not ready for that.

You have such a love for life, you want to always be on the go, out having new experiences. You loved going to hospital with Grayson this week and learning about all the things he has to do. You will forever be his best friend.

Kids car

Deacon - You seem so much more grown up this week, it is like a huge transformation, with it has come some nasty temper tantrums too.

You love your car and have been out and about in it whenever you can. You like your sister just want to be out having adventures, no matter the weather.

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Corners Of My Home / Pretty Shelves

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corners of my home

I am so excited for the next few months of Corners of my Home, we are getting so many cute little bits sorted in our house, it is finally feeling like home.

At the end of our Kitchen we have a little snug area, it has a sofa and TV perfect for after dinner play or watching TV whilst Mummy cooks.

Our kitchen is neon/pastel, kitsch, diner-eqsue, very eclectic, so I wanted to continue that into the snug.

As we rent we can’t decorate, but Wallpops kindly sent us the wall sticker a few months ago, I love having quotes around the home and what could be better and more simple than “Choose Happiness”.


I decided I also wanted to house my collection of Momiji Dolls and Sonny Angels downstairs but was unsure on what till I found these shelves on Amazon.


Fab aren’t they, such a great 50’s feel, easy to keep clean, great colours and a steal at £30 with postage.

I am so pleased with them and the fact they have space left on them for many more trinkets, whoop whoop. I am on the look out for anything kitsch and cute if you see something you think I would fancy.


I also need to find a new throw that will also work and can be chucked in the washing machine as the floral one is just not matching the room anymore.

So have you got any lovely corners of your home to share, please do link up so I don’t miss out, I am loving being inspired, decorating and home styling are my favourite things to do.


The Kiddies // Sixteen

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special needs siblings

Grayson - It has been the last week of the Easter holidays and you have been such a trooper but I am sure you are ready to get back to your routine.

You did amazing in PT this week and we now have the task of stair climbing to work on. You will succeed I am so sure of it.

You and your bestie aka Addison have been very cute this past week, best little duo.

Addison - Back to school you went this week, you have been struggling, once at school you are fine but you have such fear about missing us before, I wish I could understand what has happened.

You went to your first theatre play this week with Granny and Popsy and they have created a monster, you are begging to go to another show, just like Mummy and Daddy.

As always you have been an amazing sister this week, the picture above sheer proof, “Rara have some of my chocolate, you need it and love it.”

Deacon in his hummer

Deacon – Oh Deacon this week you have grown so much, you before our eyes are changing, learning new words, getting more attitude. But I am so pleased, I am sad to lose my baby but life will bring you so much fun.

You have a serious addiction at the moment to your Hummer, Gamma bought it for the 3 of you for Xmas and now the weather is good you want to be in it every day.

So as you can see the kiddies have been having a lot of fun this week, let’s be honest now the weather is better I feel this maybe a pattern, my kids are outdoors kids for sure, the sun makes them smile.


The Countdown is On…

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Addison April 2015

This feels like her biggest Birthday yet, Addison 1 month from today is going to be 4!!

4, that feels so grown, I am not sure if it has something to do with her going to school in September, or due to this being the 1st party she is heavily involved in, but either way this Mama is melting down a little at the thought.

We have exciting plans to celebrate, she is getting oh so very excited.

On her actual birthday it is all about her, once her brothers have been sent to school and Granny’s we are off to Build A Bear, we took her last year and she was a little terrified, but she is super excited and we have made 2 trips to see what it is all about, she has her eye on another My Little Pony but I think we may end up with a Dog.

Then on for lunch, if the weather is nice it shall be a picnic, as she is so my little girl and loves a picnic, we have offered the beach (so we can go pebble collecting) or to the Jungle aka Zoo. She is very torn as she would also like to visit the Cinema, but that would be too much after the zoo, so we shall see what she decides.

She will get to choose her outfit, which always makes her happy, although I am sure she will go for her pink sparkly trainers which are still to big. So maybe I can get her new sparkly Sun Jellies in time.

It will all be followed with I would imagine a little tea party and hopefully a ride on her new bike (ssh).

Doesn’t it sound fun ? I can’t wait, I really love to spend time with each of my kids individually, on her special day especially.

But what she is very excited about is her Birthday party.

This shall be on the Saturday and this year she shares it with Deacon (well let’s be honest it’s the last year I can probably get away with it), she had a few ideas of what she wanted the party to be but we finally settled on Toy Story and I must say I am pretty excited, I love planning parties.


Addy celebrating turning 3 last year

I have started pining like crazy (of course) and my Mom brought back some great dec’s from the States as she was over there. The cake is planned in my head and I will make that the day before, I am thinking a giant pin the pieces on the Mr Potato Head for fun as well of course as Uncle Sky’s Bouncy Castle (lucky to have an uncle with his own bouncy castle).

So now I am on the hunt for little homemade Toy Story themed goody bag treats (I can’t help myself) and then onto making the actual bags.

Here are a few of my favourite ideas so far.

toy story party bags

Check out my Birthday Board for links and more ideas

Do you like going all out for parties ? Any suggestions for what you would include in a Toy Story themed party ? Share your previous party posts with me.

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