The Kiddies // Two


Do you ever turn and look at your child and they have aged before your eyes in a flash ?

Deacon is at that crucial moment, the moment between older baby and child, being my last baby I think you notice this change so much more. How his words turn into sentences, how he holds a conversation, a basic one, but a conversation all the same. How his understanding at how to win you over, twist you round his little finger comes naturally.

My baby is growing up! I have spoken before of how our plans were always to have 4 children, but when Deacon arrived into the world things changed, he changed us, my want and desire for another baby is still there, my heart yearns for another child but my brain tells me otherwise, my brain won.

So I try to appreciate every little thing with Deacon, kind of how I did with Grayson being my first, it isn’t always easy, he defines the term “Terrible Twos” but it also teaches me how he has incredible character, he is without doubt such a little dude.

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